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100 Dorama icons

100 Doramacon
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Welcome to 100doramacom, an icon challenge inspired by asiancon100 and doramacon based on making 100 icons of the chosen subject (which necessarily needs to be a dorama).

The dorama can be of any kind, which means it can be a korean, japanese, thailandese or any other that you like.


1. First of all, you must join the community. By joining, you'll be able to post, because only members are allowed to do that.
2. Choose your dorama and claim for it. The same subject can only be chosen by 4 people. For a claim to be valid, it must be posted here in the community, just as dropping or changing the subject. As long as the icons are made between the period stipulated, you can claim as much doramas as you want.
3. You'll be given 6 months to complete you whole batch. We believe it's time enough to make them all and also time enough so that you won't have to rush with them. As you have the period of 6 months, if you don't complete the 100 icons in that time your claim will be discarded and another person (if the dorama has already been chosen by 4 people) can take it if he want.
4. Just so the challenge become a little bit more interesting, we'll give you 50 themes to make your icons based on them. The other 50 are all by your choice. Themed ones doesn't need to be done in that order specifically, but you have to place them as we have. The themes are right below these rules.
5. The post will only be considered if the user post the minimum of 5 icons. This is made so that there isn't just one icon per post. It's not allowed for the user to take someone else's made icon or to use old ones, even if made by himself. We'll only accept the ones made for the challenge.
6. We also ask you to post the form in each post or update, so we can keep track of the progress.

Theme: [General/Couple/Character]
By Who: [Your livejournal]
# Icons:
Completed of 100:



layout by interlinea

01. Love 26. Meaningless
02. Kiss 27. Hero
03. Sins 28. Treasure
04. Desire 29. Truth
05. Dreams 30. Misunderstanding
06. Addiction 31. Memories
07. Holiday 32. Fairytale
08. Sunshine 33. Jealousy
09. Game 34. Tell Me
10. Smile 35. Obsession
11. Heaven 36. Devil & Angel
12. Time 37. Opposites
13. Rain 38. Sadness
14. Tenderness 39. Freedom
15. Couple 40. Wandering
16. Chemistry 41. Losing it
17. Loneliness 42. Silence
18. Waiting 43. Another Day
19. Calling 44. Miss Popular
20. Laughing 45. Power
21. Best Friends 46. Sacrifice
22. Over and Done 47. Rainbow
23. Pain 48. Wasted
24. Closer 49. Winter
25. Breathless 50. Hopeless